About Us

Anderson Bushi Kai commenced more that a decade ago under the guidance of O-Kaicho Malcom Anderson. O-Kaicho has been studying martial arts for more than 40 years, and was for many decades the most senior student of Soke Bob Jones, the founder of Zen Do Kai.

Anderson Bushi Kai translates to Anderson's Warrior Society with instruction in Freestyle Karate, Muay Thai and other martial arts such as Iaido (Japanese Katana). Freestyle means that Anderson Bushi Kai has a martial curriculum that incorporates techniques, attitudes and philosophies that are relevant to living in western society in the 21st century.

Many of the clans within Anderson Bushi Kai where under O-Kaicho Malcom Anderson when he was studying and teaching Zen Do Kai and as a testament to O-Kaicho's knowledge, skills and abilities, chose to continue with him when Anderson Bushi Kai was formed. Click here to read about O'Kaicho Malcom Anderson's Martial Journey. The Sunshine Coast Clans and Families, under the guidance of Kaicho Steve Roberts chose to do the same.

Anderson Bushi Kai is 'young' in name only. Many Instructors and senior ranks had their roots in Zen Do Kai and have been studying a number of martial arts for many decades. As a result, there is a depth and richness of knowledge and skills throughout Anderson Bushi Kai making it a prefered martial art for a number of generations of men, women and children.

Anderson Bushi Kai not only teaches fitness and self defence, but also martial philosophy making it a holistic martial art for the development of a person's character. Such words as discipline, determination, honour and respect are often used to describe the benefits of studying Anderson Bushi Kai as it embraces Bushido, the Japanese samurai's code of ethics and conduct.

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