O'Kaicho Malcom Anderson

Excerpt from O'Kaicho's Myspace page

Malcolm Anderson (O Kaicho) has been training in the martial arts for over 35 years. He first started in Melbourne in 1971 with Zen Do Kai under Bob Jones and quickly came to find that he had found his new direction in life. He progressed through the ranks, obtaining his black belt in 1972.

After a move to Queensland shortly after as a 3rd dan he opened his own dojo under Zen Do Kai called Bloodaxe in 1980 and continued to teach Zen Do Kai and running the Queensland clubs. In 2001 Malcolm split from Bob Jones and Zen Do Kai and created his own style Anderson Bushi Kai going back to the basic roots of martial arts. His innovative thinking and ways of teaching has had an effect on hundreds of people throughout Queensland creating some of the strongest higher ranks in any system. He has continued to expand and refine his style by establishing higher rank gradings (6th dan, 7th dan, 8th dan) and delving into the more spiritual side of the martial arts, studying shamanism and many forms of runic language. He recreated a warlords camp in 2004 at which the first 7th dan grading was held. Every person was dressed in traditional Japanese dress and all camps displayed the personalities of each clan.

Malcolm traveled to Thailand many times and learnt the art of Muay Thai from the masters at Fairtex Gym in Bangkok. Knowing there would be an opportunity to introduce this art into his style he opened Bloodaxe Stables teaching traditional Muay Thai to people from all walks of life.

Bloodaxe Muay Thai focuses on the fine art of Muay Thai, teaching traditional techniques as taught in Thailand. Having trained some of the best fighters and teachers Bloodaxe has influenced many people in Queensland and Australia and is regarded as one of the most technical Muay Thai stables in Australia! Whether you are a beginner or an advanced Muay Thai enthusiast, you are welcome to come and learn from Kru Malcolm Anderson and his many Kru's walking the floor.

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