What do the different colours of the Gis mean?

I asked this question wanting to know why we have so many different coloured Gis (especially for the different Dan ranks). Kyoshi Jhon Pilistin (chief instructor of Senki Dojos) shared with me his wisdom on the matter:

It is a little complicated but I will give it a go. 

The colour sequence progresses from grey, (the void) nothingness or a blank canvas on which to create. In this case we want to develop Black Belts. 

The stripe on the pants denotes rank only ie. 1 stripe 2 stripes 3 stripes etc. 

The gi top represents ABK teaching status, or knowledge progression. It passes through stages from grey, black, black/red, red/white, white/ red tending to more and more white. This indicates a progression from the beginner through to strength - black. The pure physical - red and onto the pure white. 

The white indicates that the more you know in the martial arts you come to realise that there is so much more there is to know. You realise that it is non stop journey and that as the white gi represents you are always a beginner. 

Simply put: grey = blankness/void. Black = strength. Red = pure physical. Red/White = skills and knowledge acquisition. White = I am still a beginner because there is still so much more to know.

Thank you Kyoshi for sharing this

© Brett Walker on behalf of Anderson Bushi Kai Sunshine Coast Region 2016