Ryu no Seishin

Ryu no Seishin means "mind and spirit of the dragon” However, my family crest means more than that.

The Japanese dragon traditionally had only three toes and grows more the further it travels from Japan - Hence the five toes - a Japanese dragon in Australia recognising our roots, our karate heritage. 

That is also why the family name is in Japanese and my name in English. 

The dragon motif because I was born in the year of the dragon - a red dragon because the Chief  (Bob Jones, Zen Do Kai) was known as the red dragon because of his red hair and fiery attitude - again remembering our heritage. 

A white background to symbolise peace - all colours in harmony - the universe in balance. You won't see the dragon until the harmony is disturbed. 

The clouds are blue to symbolise the Australian saying "it came out of the blue", "I don't know what hit me”, “ I didn’t see it coming”. Blue also symbolises the mental - the decision "to go” (attack, engage in violence) and go with your whole self - no half hearted effort. You won't see the dragon till he comes out of the white. 

Yellow claws and yellow spine to symbolise spirit. You are being hit with spirit - not the mental (blue) or the physical (red) - the highest level, most intense - makes you wish you never disturbed him. He is coming straight out at you - with everything - there is no weak side, no opening that can be attacked. Once it's over, he fades again into white, not to be seen again until disturbed. 

If we look wider and throughout Asia, dragons are the most auspicious animal, representing enlightenment in Buddism and while being fearsome and powerful, are also benevolent and bringers of wealth and good fortune. 

He also takes his responsibility to himself and others, to be the best that he can be so that he can protect and help those that cannot protect and help themselves. That is why  strive to do our best at every training session.

The name "Mind and spirit of the dragon", because we are not dragons, but we can strive to have the same mental and spiritual characteristics and be harmonious and at peace with our universe.

This is the meaning of my crest. 

Thank you

© Brett Walker on behalf of Anderson Bushi Kai Sunshine Coast Region 2016