Sei Do Kai

What follows is a letter from a friend in Japan who assited me in making sure that I had the right kanji, in the right order, and the kanji together had the right meaning. 

…There are different kanji that can be used for Sei Do Kai, but the meanings are different. 

This Sei kanji comes from the word Shizu as in Shizukane (quietly), smoothly or calmly.

This Do kanji means movement as in the movement of kata or technique.

Together they give the meaning of correct timing of movement quiet/slow-smooth to strong/hard-fast etc.

The kanji for Kai means meating place / society (including members)

This combination of kanji together has an even deeper meaning. It makes the Japanese people ask themselves “a za ya ka” "What is the person meaning or what are they trying to express in their art?” 

Your kanji is not a common kanji and will be unique to your dojo. There are other Sei Do but they have more commonly used kanji and have totally different meanings. For example the combination of Makoto (honesty) with Michi (road or pathway)…

Thank you very much Michael. I definitely do owe you a beer!

For me, the meaning is wider. “There is timing with all things” or “It is just a matter of timing”.

© Brett Walker on behalf of Anderson Bushi Kai Sunshine Coast Region 2016