Dai Shihan Brett Walker

Family Name: 

Ryū no Seishin Budō (Dragon Spirit Martial Arts)

Parent clan/s:

  • Blood Axe (O-Kaicho Malcom Anderson)
  • Sunshine Coast (Kaicho Steve Roberts)
  • Biohazard (Kyoshi AJ Faber retired)
  • Eclipse (Renshi Sam Stocker retired)
  • Warriors (Kyoshi Roger Hilton retired)
  • Hitman (Kyoshi Bill Bowman retired)

Current Title: 

Dai Shihan

Current Rank: 



Diploma in Sport and Fitness (USC)

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (SQIT)

Postgraduate Diploma in Education (UQ)

Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management) Honours (UQ)

Associate Diploma in Applied Science (Applied Chemistry) (QUT)

Registered Teacher (QLD)

Working with Children Blue Card Exempt

HLTAID003 Provide First Aid

HLTAID001 Provide Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation 

Certificate Community Coaching General Principles (AIS)

Certificate Introductory Level Officiating General Principles (AIS)

Certificate PBTR - Child Protection (AIS)

Certificate PBTR - Harassment and Discrimination (AIS)

Ranks held in other martial arts:

Shodan  - Iaido - Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu (Japanese swordsmanship)

Brown Belt (2rd Class)  - Cacoy Canete’s Doce Pares (Filipino Stick and edged weapon arts)

Years Training: 

30+ years (karate), 15 years (iaido), 3 years (Eskrima).

Favourite Weapon/s: 





Favourite Technique/s: 

Those that are up-close and personal.

Most memorable karate experience: 

There are many. But any time I am able to train with the old masters is memorable. Also, my Yondan (4th Degree) grading.

Most recently, being graded to Godan the same day my wife graded to Shodan.

Guiding martial philosophies: 

Practice and Perseverance. 

There is no room for ego in martial arts. You can learn from white belts and 10th degree black belts and everyone in between. 

Your belt shows your rank. Your training demonstrates your rank. Demonstration should always be higher than your belted rank.

Proudest moment/s in life: 

The birth of my daughters Alexandria and Georgina. 

Being fortunate enough to have Kyoshi AJ Faber as my teacher. You taught me so much. Thank you.

Yondan Grading (without the Lecture)

Yondan Grading Lecture 

Sandan Grading

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